We are Brama Group

As Europe’s leading fashion distributors, we have built a comprehensive logistics team and network of our own showrooms across Europe, putting us in a unique position. Our in-depth presence across international markets allows us to bridge the creative and commercial worlds of fashion.

For 50 years Brama has also played an integral part of helping luxury fashion brands produce the highest level of product. Our heritage in fashion production uses bespoke specialized techniques and expertise passed down from father to son across three generations, working with Italy’s most renowned artisan heritage mills, sourcing the finest raw materials and employing unique and initiative processes.

We offer truly bespoke localized expertise on a global scale and operate as a one-stop partner to brands looking at the challenges of expanding across the EMEA region, tapping into our relationships with the most important and influential multi-brand stores to secure the highest level of representation in the luxury contemporary market.

Today, we represent a carefully curated portfolio of commercially successful modern brands. Our attention to detail, experience, knowledge and understanding of local markets allows us to have a strong presence for the brands we represent, offering true partnership in brand building, with the support of an in-house marketing and communications team.

By taking a forward-looking approach and listening to the teams we work with, we are constantly evolving and growing to meet the demands of the business.

We are Brama Group

Our approach is to support the entire process so that we can maximize all opportunities for sales and growth, including an extensive stock program that gives our suppliers the confidence that customers have access to unparalleled seasonal growth.

Brama Group
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