Giada Benincasa is a line of ready-to-wear and luxury knitwear that comes from the passion and experience of its namesake founder and designer, driven by a stylistic vision rich in glamour, color and creativity, deeply rooted in quality and refinement of Made in Italy. 

The project revolves around the particular aesthetic sensibility of Giada Benincasa, a Milanese with a whimsical, curious and cosmopolitan spirit who, after working for a long time in the family textile company, launches the limited edition of fine cashmere shawls and debuts with the brand Giada Benincasa . 

The love for precious yarns and sartorial-derived materials meets the sense of soft and versatile shapes, revealing a series of exclusive pieces hovering between timeless elegance and contemporary twist, dedicated to women who love fashion but who prefer the most refinement, versatility and uniqueness of what they choose to wear